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A Cheetah's Life
Image Preview     A Cheetah's Life

Cheetah's AKA (Acinonyx Jubatus) are the fastest cats in the world.  They can run up to 60 or 70 mph in seconds; they are referred to as the greyhound of cats.  The cheetah is often mistaken for the leopard; however, they have a very distinctive difference.  Cheetah's have a black "tear mark" that runs from the corner of their eyes down the side of its nose and to the mouth. They are about 2 1/2 feet high as an adult and weigh from 60-140 pounds. 


The cheetah is an endangered species and is protected in Namibia, Africa.  Their survival is threatened due to pitchers, and lack of prey, and environmental changes.  The following are efforts that can be taken to help protect this unique animal.
  • Help Protect their habitat
  • Improve livestock management
  • Stop the indiscriminate killing and capturing of the cheetah
  • Educate people on the importance of the cheetah in a healthy ecosystem.
  • Aid in the Conservation of the cheetah's prey

The Cheetah Conservation Fund (FCC) was founded in 1990 and their main goal is to ensure the natural survival of the free ranging cheetahs in their African habitats.   

Habits of the Cheetah 

The cheetah relies on site for hunting; this is one of the reasons why they hunt during the early morning and early evening hours.  They also do so because the temperatures are cooler during those hours.  Female cheetahs mature and are ready to breeding at about 20 to 24 months.  Once she has her cubs she stays with them to train them and feed them until they are around 18 months of age.  She then leaves them to mate again.  The cubs usually stay together until the female cubs reach maturity.   The male cheetahs are generally chased away by other dominate males; however, they tend to stick together for the rest of their lives to insure protection, easier hunting, and for territorial purposes.



DeWildt Cheetah and Wildlife Center
Cheetah Conservation Fund
The Africat Foundation

The chart above lists specific links that are for the cheetah conservation.  Also you can adopt a cheetah by donating any amount of money even a dollar.  When you adopt a cheetah you are helping to save not only their habitat but their lives and survival as well.  

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